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The black streaks that you're seeing on your roof are called Gloeocapsa Magma, aka  (roof  algae), and it feeds on the limestone that is embedded  in your shingles. This is very destructive to the singles structural integrity.  Roof algae is alive and living and it spends it entire life feeding on your roof and eventually infesting the entire roof. At this point it is only a matter of time for your roofs integrity to fail. Typically, on an untreated 25 year shingle, you only get 15 to 18 years of protection. Over the years I have been witness to hundreds of roofs that have prematurely failed due to Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa Magma has many different vessels it uses to disseminate itself. Such vessels include squirrels, birds and the wind. There really is no way to stop it from spreading. The best thing you can do is treat it.

Treating your roof should be done by a Certified Roof Cleaner. This is very important!  Having been in the construction industry for over 20 years, I have seen professional roofers fall off roofs. Any kind of roof cleaning should be done by a Certified roof cleaner If you can’t find a certified roof cleaner in your area, check out this link American Roof Cleaners Association.or Roof Cleaning Institute of America Theses sites are ranked the best in the world for roof cleaning industry.

Treating you roof is by far the best bang for your buck.  By treating your asphalt shingles, you are insuring the full life of your roof and saving thousands. Do the math.  An average roof cleaning cost approximately $400.00.  Cost of replacing your roof can cost you between $5,000 and $10,000. This is by far the best return on your money when maintaining your home and puts equity back into it.  I’ve had some appraisers tell me in some cases that cleaning your roof by a certified roof cleaner raised the equity of your home 4000 to 6000 dollars.

Another important issue I would like to address about roof cleaning is the methods by which it is done.  Roof cleaning should follow the recommendations of the shingles manufacturers. Here are some links to the Shingles Manufactures.  These methods should be practiced by all certified roof cleaners.  Another issue I would like to talk to you about is the usage of a power-washer/pressure washer on your roof. I can’t emphasize on how much damage this can cause to your asphalt shingle roof. Power washing your roof decreases the life of the roof considerably and voids out all your warranty. Typically, if someone tells you that they use low pressure on your roof, but they use a standard power washer,they are not a certified roof cleaner and don’t know what they are doing. They will do more harm them good.  It very much concerns me that there still are guys out there using power washers on roofs. These guys are giving roof cleaners a bad name in the business…PRESSURE WASHERS belong on the ground not the ROOF!!!!




At TRS Power Wash we take great pride in our services.Each project is an opportunity to showcase our talents.From restoring 10 year old decks to washing 3 story homes, And turning 30 year old driveways new again.We take the time to recognize the needs of our North Carolina based customers and try to exceed all expectations.

Are state of the art Hot Water Powerwasher clearly separates us from are competitors that still use cold water drag behind units. At TRS Power Wash we have the right equipment to get the job done right.We are a current member of the The Grime Scene and are  License and Insured and guaranty all work...Give us a call 910-463-8400 Thank You for your time...

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