Why should I render my house?

Reasons to render your house

When you walk down in a town, you would normally see a mixture of properties. Some are modern, some are older, some will have exposed brick, some will have a coloured render applied. So why some properties have a render finish and others don’t? Let’s look at the several reasons for rendering your property.

The number one reason for rendering a property is to improve the look and property appearance. Adding a render could brighten up a shabby looking wall, and it gives the opportunity to give the whole house a facelift.

Some properties can have a real mish-mash of brick types, unattractive wear from years of exposure, or just look tired and unattractive. Adding a layer of render gives you the opportunity to change the look of the property – giving you a smooth uniform finish. Back in the 70’s that seemed to mean pebbledash, but nowadays the standard is usually a white smooth monocouche or silicone render.

If your render is old and tired, or perhaps cracked, it might be necessary to re-render as well. This will involve stripping off the old render and starting afresh on the exposed wall. Other option might be using special fibre reinforced render base coat over the old solid render. You may also have painted brickwork, which tends to get scruffy looking very quickly; in which case installing render would be a great alternative to having to re-paint every few years.

Another reason people choose to render their homes is to deal with water ingress and penetrating damp issues. Some forms of brick, especially in exposed areas, can be liable to damp if exposed to the elements over a prolonged period of time. Water gets through the solid brick wall and in to the house, causing a host of problems in the home. Adding a layer of render to the outside wall of the home blocks the path of water in to the property and prevents this form of damp from occurring. Of course, this is only really the case on older solid brick properties. If you have a cavity wall, you shouldn’t be getting penetrating damp like this.

What type of render should I chose?

Getting the right type of render is important, as each type has different properties that could benefit your property or exacerbate problems.

Monocouche render – This type of render is very tough wearing, and is somewhat breathable. It is the mid price option and is usually suitable for most instances.

Silicone render – This type of render is the most expensive, but is lots of beneficial properties – it is self cleaning and breathable.

There are several good reasons for looking to render your property, even if you live in a more modern house. Think carefully about the type of render you want to go for and please feel free to contact us at the RenderQuote.co.uk

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