Getting Your Head Around This Whole SEO & Internet Marketing Thing

We know the Internet can be a scary place… there’s websites, facebook, twitter, html code this code that and now I need to be found on Google as well?

And what does SEO stand for anyway…

If all these questions are going through your head right now, you’re one step closer to joining one of the best industries to make money in the world.

Yep no hype here, the Internet has given us the most lucrative means to generating income – full stop.


Your decision to join the world ofInternet Marketingshould be congratulated. It’s an excellent industry to be in! You’ve likely heard something about what you will need, including in terms of your skill-set. It’s possible that your head is swimming from all of the contradicting information that is out there, particularly for the field of Search Engine Optimization.

You’ll be happy to hear that SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. With the advice on SEO basics in this article, you will be able to start making friends with the search engines while also being helpful in getting your site going as well as your company.
It is tempting, especially when you are just starting out, to stuff as many of your keywords into your content and copy as you can fit. However, this is not an effective strategy. Keyword stuffing is one of the fastest ways to make the search engines mad and get your site unlisted. Two percent or less is the keyword to content ration most large search engines prefer. There is software that will help you figure out your ratio so you can make sure you are within the guidelines. Remember: less really is more when it comes to your keywords and search engine optimization.

Some people, especially those new to internet marketing, get a little too excited by things like Flash or Java. Some feel that with the help of such an application they can give their site a professional polish so they aren’t too similar to the usual landing or sales pages. While these programs can add a few features to your site, they aren’t really that great for internet marketing. They won’t let you build links and allow those links to be counted as backlinks or internal links. In this matter, AJAX and Frames can also cause trouble. Stick to simple, clean design codes and languages when you aren’t certain of something. Your increasing profit margins will be pleased.

Don’t let checking your page rank become your newest obsession. Instead, devote your time, energy, and effort to building better relationships. You’ll be surprised by how quickly these small steps add up and equal a better page rank for your site. When you’re obsessing over your page rank you’re not investing the necessary time to build those important relationships. It’s also important to note that your page ranking is not going to change every few minutes. If you only check once a week you’ll have plenty of access to the information and plenty left over to devote to more productive actions.

There are a lot of small details you can take care of to make your SEO even better. Whether it’s external or internal link building or updating content regularly, they all help to give you a better rank in the SERPs.
Your site will gain more traffic and you will be able to increase your sales as well if you are good at what you do. These are only a few ideas. However, if you do a little research, you discover many more.

Obviously SEO goes a lot deeper however for a full explanation we could go for for days… but there are plenty of other resources out there from which you can learn.

All it takes is a quick… you know what now – a quick GOOGLE search and you’ll find an abundance of information in regards to SEO.

A few of the best places to start would be to check out websites from companies such as Websites That Sell, MOZ, Search Engine Journal – these guys are industry experts and you’ll learn a lot just from visiting their websites.

OK but that’s all from here for today – above you’ve learned the basics of SEO now it’s time to apply and test.

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